Case and strap - About watch

Case and strap - About watch
case and strap

Types of materials used in watch case and band construction

- Gold

A precious metal often used in luxury watches, alongside diamond accents and expensive movements. Gold watches are commonly manufactured in Swiss countries.
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Stainless Steel

Stainless steels used in watches come in three types, with differences in their hypoallergenic properties and flexibility. Stainless steel watches are resistant to corrosion caused by sweat or tarnishing.
- Stainless Steel 304: This type of stainless steel is commonly used in affordable watches and replicas.
- Stainless Steel 316L and 318L: These types of stainless steel are hypoallergenic and are less prone to corrosion even when exposed to sulfuric acid solutions. They are often used in high-quality watches. Stainless Steel 318L is typically used in luxury watches with medium to low prices. It is worth noting that watches made with authenticity use stainless steel starting from 316L and above. Individuals who are sensitive to metals, including stainless steel, are advised to use products made from stainless steel with a purity of 318 and above.
- Stainless Steel 904: This is the best type of stainless steel used primarily in luxury watches. It offers more flexibility compared to other mentioned stainless steels and is highly resistant to corrosion from acids. It also has a more brilliant and attractive appearance compared to other metals.
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- Aluminium

Aluminium is one of the most abundant metals, with a silver-white color. Its notable features include resistance to corrosion and low density. In the past, this metal was considered a precious metal like gold, but with new industrial methods, it has become one of the most commonly used metals in everyday objects that we may use.

- Ceramic

Ceramic is inherently a very delicate and sensitive material, but by combining it with complementary technologies, it can be transformed into a suitable material for manufacturing hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant watches. One weakness of this material is its fragility, but with careful handling, you can have an elegant and beautiful watch.
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- Plastic or Resin

Resin is a type of plastic that is completely synthetic and waterproof. Due to its polyester, vinyl ester, or epoxy composition, it exhibits high resistance to temperature, sunlight, and impact, making it suitable for athletes and active individuals. It is also recommended for people who are sensitive to stainless steel bands, as it is the best option for them. In addition to being affordable and lightweight, it offers a wide range of colors.

- Silver

This type of material is composed of a higher percentage of silver and a very small percentage of complementary metals such as copper to create greater strength. This expensive and popular metal is rarely used in combination with sparkling gemstones in the construction of watch cases and bands.

- Titanium

Titanium is a silver-colored metal that possesses several characteristics, including lightweight, shiny appearance, high resistance to impact, and its low weight. These qualities make it suitable for use in the jewelry and watchmaking industry, as it is resistant to tarnish, corrosion, and is lightweight. Additionally, its high tolerance for sensitivity makes it a suitable choice for swimmers and individuals who are sensitive to metals.
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- Metal Zinc

Zinc is an inexpensive metal commonly used in the production of affordable watches, particularly in the construction of watch cases. This metal is prone to corrosion and wears down easily with use. The plating process for this type of metal is straightforward, but its durability is relatively low.

- Bronze

Bronze is the oldest type of metal that has been used in the construction of clocks since ancient times. Although this metal was superior to iron, over time it corrodes due to perspiration.

- Wood

This type of material was commonly seen in old watches and is favored by individuals with different tastes.

- Fabric or tarpaulin

Fabric or canvas is used in watches that have a thicker material or a textured weave compared to regular fabric.
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Usually, only the thin outer layer and the strap of a watch are made of genuine leather, and the thickness of the strap does not necessarily indicate better quality. This is because a piece of plastic or sponge is often used between the outer layer and the lining to make the strap appear thicker. Differentiating between a watch strap made of genuine leather and one made of synthetic leather can be very difficult. However, the simplest way is to apply a flame to the leather strap for a few seconds. Synthetic leather will shrink and disappear with even the slightest heat, while genuine leather will maintain its appearance and not undergo any changes. To better maintain a leather strap and prevent sweat and bacteria from affecting it, it is advisable to sew a lining layer underneath that can be replaced and provide the mentioned protection.

- Alloy metal or brass

It is mostly used in inexpensive brands (fake and cheap imitation brands)

Watch Strap

The watch strap is divided into three parts:

1.The top part, which is connected to the watch case, can either be curved and fully in contact with the case, or straight and positioned at a distance from the case. If metal straps are straight, they may cause minor damage to the case and the strap itself due to friction. If a leather strap is straight and has no distance from the case, it will wear out due to friction (usually, leather has some distance from the case). If the leather strap is curved, it contains a type of plastic that may crack during the first year of use.
2.The middle part is the strap itself.
3.The part that connects to the clasp of the watch strap.

The length of the leather strap for women's watches reaches 19 centimeters, and for men's watches, it reaches 21 centimeters. The standard length for metal straps is usually the same or up to 3 centimeters longer.

• If your wrist size is larger than 21 centimeters for a men's leather strap or 23 centimeters for a metal strap, please mention it in the comments section when placing an order with Iran Timer, so the appropriate size can be provided for you. For women, if you need a leather strap larger than 19 centimeters or a metal strap larger than 21 centimeters, please include it in your invoice.

Surround Frame or BEZEL

A protective frame around the watch glass that ensures the watch glass is in a safer condition. Additionally, this bezel can have features for better utilization of the watch, such as diving, timing, and purely aesthetic purposes.

Diving Bezel :
This type of bezel enables divers to track their elapsed dive time by using minute indicators from 0 to 60 on a bidirectional rotating bezel. Prior to diving, divers adjust their air supply based on tank capacity and monitor their own breathing.


Timing Bezel :
It resembles a diving bezel, but the numbers on it can be used for a better perspective on secondary timing

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