Wristwatch movement manufacturer companies

Wristwatch movement manufacturer companies

Briefly about the watch movement

After releasing the first wristwatch by Patek Philippe in 1868, this trend expanded, and day by day, human progress led to the creation of watches with smaller movements and greater accuracy. However, the entire time-keeping mechanism was operated by gears that underwent changes. These changes are still ongoing, and watchmaking is evolving.
The introduction of quartz watches in 1969 was a revolution in the development of watch technology. Instead of using a balance wheel with five extra beats per second, a quartz crystal has been an alternative. Also, a digital counter was used instead of a train gear that calculates seconds, minutes and hours by creating beats. This development led to the production of Quartz watches in the following year.
Wristwatch movements are expanding on several levels, which we will mention in the order of importance.

  1. Mechanical movements
    • Special automatics (chronograph and stopwatch)
    • Normal automatic
    • Hand-winding
  2. Electronic movements (Quartz-Battery)
    • general and special charging movements (capacitors)
    • Unique quartz movements (chronograph and stopwatch)
    • Simple quartz movements
    • Quartz movements with digital display


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