Before buying a watch, please pay attention to the warranty items and their duration, in addition to the general specifications. It will help you a lot when purchasing so that you won't have any problems in the future. Your warranty period starts from the time of finalizing your purchase, and depending on the product or brand, the duration of these services varies (6 months - 1 year - 2 years or lifetime)

The warranty card (or warranty booklet) that comes with the product explains the warranty items of the watch during the announced period. The main point included in these cards is the warranty for repairing the watch or setting it in case of a defect in Normal use.

All brand warranties that Land of Watches provides are internationally valid inside and outside Middle East.
A card or warranty is provided for each watch. If it is lost, your watch will be out of warranty.

What items do not include a warranty service? 

In general, items such as batteries, leather straps, damage to components inside the watch face (such as hands and indexes), crown, and pumps next to the watch bezel, do not include a warranty service in any brand. 
But do not worry; if you buy your watch from Land of Watches, we guarantee you a free battery replacement for one year.
Also, to increase the watch strap lifespan and postpone the need for another strap, we have provided you with simple solutions to read in the "watch maintenance" article.


Body-color guarantee:


In some brands, the frame color and the strap are also guaranteed, which can ease your mind about how you use your watch. If your product includes this item, the company is obliged to provide you with paint repair services within a specific warranty period and in case of possible discoloration. Apart from silver, copper and gold colors are among the fancy colors in watchmaking, and you should maintain them with a little more care. 

"Land of Watches offers to you"

If your watch does not have a body-color guarantee, avoiding contact with chemicals, perfumes and colognes, detergents, and hand sweat to extend the body's color life is best. Read the "watch maintenance" for more information. 



Glass warranty:
Mineral and acrylic glasses are the simplest type of glass that is used in the production of most watches and does not include a glass replacement guarantee.
If your watch comes with a glass warranty, you should know that scratch-resistant glass is used for that product, and usually, there should be no scratches if you use the watch properly and with care. 
However, you can use this warranty if your watch has not been struck or if it has not fallen from a high height, which breaks or scratches the glass abnormally.
To learn more about different types of glass, check out the "watch glass" article. 



Waterproof feature guarantee: 
Watches have different degrees of water resistance. This rate varies from 30 meters to 500 meters, but for every 10 meters, we mean 1 atmosphere of air pressure. To better understand the water-resistance of your watch, refer to "water-resistance watches" First, see whether your watch is waterproof against hand washing, or you can also use it for swimming.
So the important thing is that the meaning of being completely waterproof depends on the rate number engraved on the back of your watch. Of course, we also wrote this rate for each watch separately in the watch specifications section that you can use. 

The waterproof warranty of your watch is proportional to the measured rate. For example, if your watch is waterproof to hand washing and you used it in the swimming pool and water penetrates inside the watch, do not expect a waterproof warranty. But if water enters your watch to the same extent as hand washing, you can use this guarantee for free.


Movement warranty:


All watches benefit from this warranty, but it only applies to movement-related and water resistance issues. The warranty doesn't cover items like crowns and watch adjustment pumps. If your watch is not working correctly and the reason is not battery discharge or power discharge in hand-winding automatic watches, then the movement may need a repair.

If you made sure this is the issue, Land of Watches suggests that you remove the watch tuning knob (crown) so that no more pressure is applied to its movement, then proceed to get the services of your watch brand.
In some cases, replacing a part of the watch movement can completely solve the problem. But if there's severe damage to the watch movement, such that it can not be repaired by changing a piece, it should be replaced, leading to extra costs. In that case, we will notify you. 


It is necessary to know that these cases are more common in mechanical watches because many parts work seamlessly in their movement. Naturally, they are more likely to be vulnerable than battery watches. 

So if your watch is mechanical, check out the "watch movement" article. 

Battery warranty:
As mentioned, the battery is generally not guaranteed in any watch brand. But if you get your watch from Land of Watches, we consider ourselves obliged to provide you with a 1-year free battery replacement warranty.
If your watch needs to be replaced during this time, do not worry, our expert will replace the battery with a high-quality Swiss battery with no harm to your waterproof watch. 

Full warranty 

If you see a full warranty in the watch description, it means the warranty covers all the items mentioned above, and you can be at ease. 
Usually, this type of guarantee is given in luxury brands and limited production models, which is desirable considering the watch's price.

It should be mentioned that with a decade of specialized experience in the field of watches, Land of Watches can accompany you in any situation. To save your time and for your comfort, you can send the watch that needs to be repaired to our after-sales service department so that we can do all the steps. We will inform you about the process at each stage.
But if you made your watch purchase from us, we put the complete address and details of the guaranteeing company in your profile so that you can refer to them directly to receive the services, if you wish.

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