how to buy and register an order

how to buy and register an order

To become a member of the Land of watches online store, you must first know that whenever you need advice or guidance, you can use the online chat option, send SMS to 10000180 or call 02171400010.

How to join


1- Select the "Membership" option from the menu at the top of the page

2-After registering "user details" such as username, password, email and contact number on the membership page, click the registration option.

3- On the next page, "Change user profile", fill in more complete information such as name, surname, exact address, and at the end click on the option to register changes.


You can register your membership on our site easily and with 3 easy steps.



How to search and find the product

There are several ways to find a product on the site:

1- Search section (magnifying glass icon): If you know the product model (reference) of the product you are looking for, search for it in this section.

Also, if you want to choose a model from a specific brand, just search the brand name in this section to see the result in the "Groups" section.

2- The search filter section: all the important elements that are effective in your decision such as price, brand, features, material used, etc., even the country of manufacture is completely divided and you can select according to your taste on the page of all products. Use these filters to get closer to the product you want. For example, if you are looking for a classic women's wristwatch with a special feature, or you want to specify the color of your watch, watch the video below for a better understanding.



How to place an order

Before taking any action, inquire about the availability of the product you want from the Land of watches collection, then make a purchase.

After choosing your desired model and registering membership, it is time to place an order, here we will teach you how to register an invoice.


1- Click the add to cart option to enter the cart page.
On this page, you can see product specifications such as site code, product code, quantity, unit price, etc. Also, if you have a discount code, you can enter it in the add discount code section and check the final amount payable in the total purchase section.
2- If your purchase is a choice between 3 items, check the corresponding option.
Read the tips before buying, if you agree with it, click the read option and click the next step button.
3- Completing the profile: on this page, you can check the user profile again or modify it if needed. If you want to make a purchase for a company, institution or..., check the option to complete the legal information and complete the relevant list so that the invoice is registered with the name of your collection.
4- How to send: In the address selection section, you can choose from the addresses you registered before or add a new address.
Sending methods in Land of watches are free and done in 3 ways:
Motor Courier: To send parcels inside Dubai.
In person: the possibility of visiting the company in person with the coordination of the sales department
Post: Sending by priority mail to all cities and towns (trackable tracking code is also sent)
5- Description: If you want to give the desired product as a gift, or to send it to another person, you can complete these specifications in this section.
6- The last step and payment: for the loved ones who are in other cities, the only online or card-to-card payment option is currently available.
The dear ones living in Dubai can also use the option of payment on the spot in addition to those 2 items

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