How to pick the best watch for yourself?

How to pick the best watch for yourself?
What is the right wrist watch for me? 

To make a better choice, we first need information about the personality and how the consumer uses it, and more importantly, what is our desired budget?A person's weight and age, wrist size, and favorite color are also considerable, as described in the following article.


1. The ratio of hand size to the width of the watch frame

In the past, most watches were produced with a much smaller frame than today, and sometimes even women's watches were up to 15 mm wide, and men's watches eventually ended in 25 mm width. The watch frame has also changed to the point where women's watches are typically produced with 37 mm and men's watches with a frame width of 42 mm. Now women's watches with a frame width of 27 mm to 46 mm and men's watches from 35 mm to 65 mm are produced. Smaller and larger sized are exceptions. 

But what size is suitable for what kind of wrist?

Land of Watches suggests finding the right size; first, tie a thread around your wrist, measure it, and select the appropriate size from the table below. Sometimes people like watches that are even bigger or much smaller than usual, which is quite a taste. 

View the size of all three frames by choosing the size of your wrist:

Wrist size:   

2. Sensitivity

The material used in the watches is different. The first important point is whether the person is allergic to metal or not; if you are less sensitive to metals, you should use 314L steel and above, which is observed in all brands, but please note that items that contain metals such as alloy, brass, copper or plum should be chosen. Moreover, if you are generally sensitive to steel, the purity of 318L steel and above must be used (this purity is usually used in brands at the level of luxury, or you can ask our experts to get information from other brands. 

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3. Choose the watch dial  

Leather strap watches: Leather is not very durable and is mostly the choice of people with a classic type. These people usually appear in environments in formal clothes, and most of their favorite watches are round and very simple dials. Also, dark colors are more welcome. Classic watches with crowded dials are the choice of people with classic sports taste. The more sporty these people are, the more crowded the screen is.
This is more common in people under 45, and older people use a more readable page and better visibility. These people prefer unique styles and have different appearances from others, and they should be more careful in their choice. This difference can be more pronounced in the frame and the page. Sometimes the diameter of the frame shows this difference. Also, some people prefer square dial watches. Choosing a square dial watch requires extra care. Finally, people who think more economically (work harder on the day) will select the classic metal watch

"People who think more economically (do heavier activities per day) choose steel strap watches." 


4. Colors

The color of the watch is directly related to the age of the people; A wristwatch with warm colors is the choice of young people, and the cool colors are the choice of middle-aged people. Young people mostly use light colors, and older people use dark and classic colors.
Metal or steel straps can be painted in two ways:
1. Electroplating (electronic)  2.Powder (PVD injection).
Both quality and standards of manufacturers directly impact the durability of the paint. If plating is used, the color durability is between 5 to 12 years, depending on the type of use (in copper paints, durability is lower). On the other hand, in powder type (PVD), the color lasts for 7 to 20 years, and if it disappears, the underlying metal (steel) color appears. But in cases where non-ferrous metals such as gold, nickel, bronze, aluminum, and copper, are used, the color remains the same. 

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