How to Verify Authenticity of a Watch

How to Verify Authenticity of a Watch
How to Verify Authenticity of a Watch

Excessive development in different brands and many models causes too much confusion. The variety of brands is so great that it is not even possible to determine whether the brand in question is authentic or not. 
What should we check to distinguish a genuine brand from a non-genuine one? 


1- First, you should determine the originality of the watch. It would help if you searched the brand's name on the internet. The number of displayed results is significant: and check the number of results. With a simple glance, you will find out whether the brand is authentic or not or in how many countries it has been expanded and sold. The higher the results number, the more the power and originality of the brand stand out. 

To understand the non-originality of a brand, you can search for brands that are expanding in Iran with broad advertising. You will see that only the first few results are valid, and the rest are unreliable.   

In this article, we want to use the famous brand Casio as an example which is offered in the market in Iran both as original and non-original. 


2-To ensure the brand's authenticity, you can visit its site. The more that brand is famous and popular, the more information you'll find on the website.
In this stage, you should find the brands representative in Iran. It should be noted that due to the sanctions against Iran, the name of the agency in Iran may not be mentioned, in which case you can email them and make sure they have an office in Iran to get their address and phone number.  

For example, in the Rolex site and the agencies section, you see the countries with agencies. But many other brands did not mention Iran among their agencies. Still, they continue their business with Iran. 


3- 1.    After these two steps, it is time to check the watch's appearance. All products have appearance specifications, and the assessment is based on those specifications. The code carved in the back case of the watch is called the reference number or product number, which is used to search for the product. 
After searching the watch's reference number, we will see that it is displayed with the same code and related pictures. The higher the number of related results, the greater the global acceptance of this watch model. 

For instance, we want to check a Casio watch with the "MTG-S1000BD-1ADR" reference code. 
The picture and the specifications related to the same watch are displayed, as shown in the photo. If there is the slightest discrepancy with the image or watch's specifications or the absence of reference code carved in the back case of the watch, it is not genuine. 


Other points to consider when buying a watch: 

1: The package (envelope, box and booklet or warranty card) provided must be the same as the one you receive from the seller in Iran.

 2: Comparing other countries' prices and the warranty period will indicate your eligible purchase.






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