Watch Maintenance

Watch Maintenance
watch maintenance

Factors that shorten the life of your watch:

Strike: Try and avoid strikes such as throwing and falling on hard surfaces as much as possible. Some sports such as tennis, golf, or running may not damage all watches, but some watches are also sensitive to this type of movement. For more information, contact your watch brand representative in Middle East and find out about the sensitivity of your watch.

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Body sweat: Body sweat has no effect on sports watches, but it is very destructive for classic watches and leather straps, and you should clean it.

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Effects of temperature on the watch: Watches with batteries (quartz) are less affected by temperature than automatic watches. Hand-winding watches and automatic watches must be charged every eight hours. Environment temperature between 10 and 35 degrees Celsius is suitable. If you take your watch out of your wrist during the winter and keep it below 10 degrees, your watch will no longer show the exact time. Also, it will fail if the watch remains outdoors at a temperature below minus 10 degrees Celsius or above 60 degrees Celsius. Digital watches use a liquid crystal for the screen, which is not very responsive at temperatures below freezing point and darkens at high temperatures (sports watches for mountaineering will work well in these conditions)


Battery life: Significantly decreases at temperatures above 40 ° C and may even leak from the liquid battery.


Chemical effects: Chemicals such as gases and mercury may change the color of the frame, body, strap, and metal parts of the watch. Protect your watch against the above factors.

Bezel or strap color: Two different technologies with different qualities are used to paint the watch's body; PVD plating and paint. Avoid contact with chemicals, detergents, perfumes and colognes, and all solvents for more extended durability. In case of contact with these materials, wash with water (of course, the leather strap should be dried immediately to avoid damage). In this type of plating, copper or rose gold paint is damaged sooner. So you should have extra care.

How to care for the watch bezel and strap

To clean steel straps, it is best to gently brush a toothbrush soaked in some soap on the dirty areas, submerge it, and then cleanse it with a damp cloth. Just be careful; if your watch is not waterproof, do not hold it directly under water pressure so as not to cause any problems. The watch case should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and carefully dried.

Tips for maintaining leather strap watches:

If the leather strap of your watch is wet with hand sweat, gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Also, do not tie the leather too tightly around your wrist and prevent the strap from directly contacting water.
Note that when the sweat is on the leather strap, do not put it in your watch box and try not to put it in a closed space.
To prevent discoloration of the watch and its material, try not to expose it to direct light, perfume, or petroleum products.
To protect the watch from scratches when doing heavy physical work, take the watch out of your hands to reduce the risk of scratches and bumps. 

Effects of magnetic field on the watch:


The magnetic field does not affect digital watches much, but it does affect mechanical and battery-powered watches; Powered by an electric or hand-winding movement, it may have a significant effect, but it will return to normal when removed from the source of the magnetic field by resetting it.Devices whose magnetic field interferes with the proper operation of the watch include 
all electrical appliances, headphones, powerful speakers, and magnets.

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