Land Of Watches Customer Club:

Welcome to the Land Of Watches Customer Club. We have launched the Customer Club as a token of appreciation for your support and choosing Land Of Watches. It allows you to earn points and use them for more convenient purchases and special rewards.

How can I earn points?

1 - Earn points with every purchase:

By purchasing any item on our website (watches, sunglasses, jewelry, and some accessories), the points specified in the product's price box will be added to your accumulated points after 30 days from the product's shipment (return and refund period). So, when making a purchase, pay attention to the iClub points of your desired product.

Good news: If your accumulated points (only from product purchases) reach 100 points continuously for 3 months, at the beginning of the fourth month, you will receive a gift of 50 points from us. And if your accumulated points reach over 200 points continuously for 3 months, you will receive 200 points as a gift in the fourth month.


2 - Earn points by referring friends and their purchases:

Referring friends: By introducing Land Of Watches to each of your friends, you will receive 1 point. To invite your friend, send them your unique link provided at the top of this page so that they can join the site through it. When the referred person registers on the Land Of Watches website, 1 point will be added to your iClub. Please note that you can receive points for a maximum of 10 friends' registrations per month, and more than 10 will not be counted.

Friends' purchases: After referring your friend, when they make their first purchase (excluding parts, accessories, and Land Of Watches gifts), you will receive 30 points in your iClub.

3 - Give feedback and earn points:

Useful comments for Land Of Watches news and videos:
During your free time, you can visit the "News and Articles" or "Land Of Watches Videos" section and send a comment based on the information you have gained from viewing each of these contents. Please ensure that your comments are informative and accompanied by a like, avoiding using emojis or comments like "good" or "excellent." With each comment approved by Land Of Watches, you will receive 3 points in your iClub. You can leave up to 10 comments per month in our news and video section.

Product reviews:

After purchasing any product on the site, you can submit your own review and critique in the comments section of that product. If it is approved by Land Of Watches, you will receive 7 iClub points. Additionally, those who have not purchased the product have the opportunity to earn 3 points by submitting comments or critiques about products they have good knowledge of. Each person can submit up to 10 comments per month about products.



Where can I view my accumulated points?

In your iClub panel, there is a section called "History and Points." In this section, you can see your total accumulated points and track the points you have earned through each of the above methods by selecting the respective category.


How can I use my points at Land Of Watches?

In your iClub panel, there is a section called "Defined Rewards." All the rewards that you can use with your accumulated points are listed there. By selecting each reward, you will find the relevant instructions for usage and receiving the prize. For example, with a gift card reward, you can even purchase a watch or any other product.

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