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How to replace or return watch parts

If you have purchased a product from watch parts such as strap and lock on the website and want to exchange or return it

Keep these conditions in mind:

1- All the mentioned parts are vacuumed and this vacuum does not prevent you from measuring the goods purchased for you. So you can measure the product with the same vacuum, if there is a problem with the size of the product, you can replace it without opening the vacuum and coordinating with the after-sales service department.
2- If you do not like the appearance or color of the product after receiving the order, you can return it without opening the vacuum or replace it with the coordination of the after-sales service department.
3- Keep in mind that the shipping costs are free if you buy from Land Of Watches, but if you exchange or return the product, the shipping cost is calculated and you have to pay it.

How to return the ordered product?

Residents of Dubai: When you receive the product through the courier at your door, if you do not approve whether to exchange or return the product, you can timer the product without opening the vacuum and with the same package to be delivered to the courier, and only the shipping cost (You can ask the after-sales service over the phone to determine the cost)
Residents of other cities: After receiving the product by mail, you have up to 24 working hours to inform the after-sales service unit if the product is not approved by you. From the time the product is sent to you, it is possible to return the product (without opening the vacuum and with the same packaging) within 7 working days. After returning the product to the Land Of Watches office, the shipping fee will be calculated and after deducting that amount from the paid invoice, the rest of the payment will be returned to you.


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