Watch clasp - about wristwatch

Watch clasp - about wristwatch
Watch clasp

Currently, the locks primarily used in the watch industry include belt and butterfly clasp for leather straps and one-sided open locks for metal straps, which are different depending on the style of the watch and the type of strap. Leather clasps are divided into two general categories. The first category is the tang Buckle, known as belt locks. This clasp has a more reasonable price than other models of leather clasps and is a best seller. Most watches also use this clasp with a medium level.


- Buckles:

The end of the strap is used through a handle with a pin to be connected to the opposite strap.

Fold over Buckle is divided into two categories:

Clasp(push): There are many types of push clasps, and they differ based on minor changes in the design of the brands. In some cases, this design of the lock model is exclusive to one brand and is generally offered in two modes: 

1- Butterfly clasps that are pulled from one side and do not have a button to release the lock.
2 - Locks that open on both sides and usually have buttons to release the lock.

3- button-less models from this model are also produced.
In general, the use of Feldor locks increases the life of the leather strap and prevents the leather strap from breaking for a while.

- Two-sided fold-over clasp with push-button:

This type of clasp is used for steel straps and, in some cases, ceramics, especially straps that have smaller pin straps. These clasps are called hidden locks because they are not visible when closed.

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