Repairs - about watch

Repairs - about watch

When does a watch need service?

Land Of Watches suggests that for better maintenance of the watch, once every three years or when you need to replace the watch battery, take it to a reputable center or watch brand agency for comprehensive service. They will lubricate and calibrate the watch if necessary. Dust should also be considered, as the battery life of watches is usually three years, and when the battery life runs out, it puts pressure on the watch movement. Also, if you use your watch in the bathroom, it is better to take it to the main after-sales service centers for service every year.
To see the service of mechanical watches, pay attention to the following steps:

Step 1:
Open the pins and remove them.
Step 2:
Open the back case, and disassemble the back cover, the crown, the gears, and finally the hands and the dial.
Step 3:
disassemble the watch dial and the crown.
Step 4:
Disassemble the watch compartment, including the glass, the glass holders, separating valves inside and outside the case, and gaskets.
Step 5:
Examining the protruding parts of the watch inside the case is essential to determine the position of the watch components.
Step 6:
Renovation of the case and strap, which is called "polishing."
Step 7:
Cleaning (washing) bezel and straps in metal.
Step 8:
Install frame, glass, case, pins, crown, protective washers, and seams. 
Step 9:
Repair the waterproof feature with the spare parts mentioned above.
Step 10:
Put the hands in their parts.
Step 11:
Detect damaged parts from moving parts.
Repair or replace defective moving parts.
Step 12:Cleaning (washing) the engine's moving parts by specific methods.
Step 13:
Check the movement to work correctly and flawlessly.
Step 14:
Installation and lubrication of moving parts according to the manufacturer's brand rules.
Step 15:
Check the performance of moving parts based on brand quality control criteria.
Step 16:
Match the movement speed to the standard and adjust it if needed.
Step 17:
Repair and adjust the screen and replace the hands if necessary.
Step 18:
Cover the moving parts of the watch inside the case.
Step 19:
Complete tuning of mechanical watches and adjust the watch's accuracy according to the manufacturer's brand standards.
Step 20:
Close the case and check the water-resistance of the watch.
Step 21:
Adjusting the watch، Technical inspection of the watch، Check the accuracy and delicacy of how the watch works after assembling it.
Check the accuracy and speed of the watch after 24 hours.
Step 22:
Specific measurements must be made to check the amount of energy stored in the watch.
Step 23:
Adjust the watch strap and check it fits.
Step 24:
Final check confirmation before delivering the watch to the customer.
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