5-year watch movement warranty

5-year watch movement warranty

A commodity warranty card and 5-year warranty is a new service provided by Land of Watches. We provide this card and supply the longest guarantee time for our dear customers for the first time in Middle East. Hope you experience a safer and more open-minded purchase on our site.


5-year watch movement warranty descriptions



In the warranty description of each product, the Land of Watches warranty is specified. Some products have a 1-year movement replace warranty, and the others have the 5-year warranty mentioned before. 
The warranty card will be presented to the customer depending on the type of service specified in the Land of Watches warranty description.


Wristwatch brands usually set a limited warranty period for after-sales service. To create a sense of confidence for you, Land of Watches has guaranteed some more essential items for a wristwatch with a longer duration:

Note: If your product needs any service (such as waterproof washer, battery, movement, glass, and replacement), it should not be opened or repaired by another expert or repairman, in which case we will be excused from providing these services to your commodity. So be sure to refer to our after-sales service department if you encounter any problems. 

What is not included in the 5-year movement warranty?

- Improper use of the waterproof feature of the watch: The waterproof quality of a watch is mentioned in its specifications. If a person overuses the watch in the watery places, water enters the movement and causes damage. Therefore, the movement warranty won't cover this issue. For example, if the watch is waterproof to 50 meters (5ATM) for hand washing but is used in the pool, water will definitely enter the watch. This case can be argued by observing water droplets inside the movement or the watch face. Moreover, if the watch is in contact with too much water or high humidity for a long time, it causes damage to the watch pieces. Therefore, it will be evident on the watch face or inside the movement; consequently, the warranty won't apply to the case.

Corrosion or damage to watch movement due to strike: If the parts of movement (digital or analog) are damaged due to the use and friction of the pieces, repair or replacement will be covered by Land of Watches's warranty. However, the five-year service won't cover this issue if your watch is not shockproof and the movement malfunctions due to a strike (the service expert will determine this). 

How to activate the 5-year warranty

To activate the Land of Watches warranty, you have to send the code on the card to 10000180 to receive a text regarding the warranty activation. Note that if you do not activate the Land of Watches guarantee from the time of purchase, you can only use the brand guarantee of the purchased product to receive services (in later years), and you will practically lose the Land of Watches guarantee. .

Dear friends note that this card (Land of Watches guarantee) is separate from the watch brand warranty card. So be careful in keeping both cards (Land of Watches warranty card and brand guarantee card). Please remember that you must provide the Land of Watches guarantee card to our after-sales service department to receive the 5-year warranty.

Advantages of using Land of Watches 5-year warranty:

⦁ You can benefit from your watch movement warranty for up to 5 years at no cost.
⦁ Your watch is troubleshot and repaired by the best and most professional experts.
⦁ If the battery of the quartz watch runs out, you can replace it for free. While battery replacement is not guaranteed in any brand, Land of Watches provides this option. 

If your watch includes a 5-year Land of Watches warranty, we will fill the back of the card for you, and you only need to activate the warranty according to the written instructions.



As shown in the photo below, the front part of the card is for the Land of Watches's product authenticity guarantee, which is sent to the customers.



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