3-hour delivery

3-hour delivery

What is the shortest time you had a package delivered to you? 

It might have happened that you have been invited to a party, or you have a loved one leaving for a trip in a short time, and you want to give them a gift but hadn't thought about it before, or you hadn't had the time to surf the crowded market. 
What better and more lasting gift than a watch, and what better way to minimize your waiting time? The thrill of online shopping is when you wait for less time to receive your order. Also, you will have no worries about the quality, authenticity, and after-sales services.

Sending watch order within 3 hours


Note that due to the variety of products and their storage in several warehouses, not all watches have this feature, so you can only use the products that include this icon for fast 3-hour shipping.

Residents of Dubai: 

If your invoice is registered during office hours (9 am to 4 pm) and you are in Dubai, we will send your package to your door within 3 hours from when you paid. Also, please note that the cost of shipping the order varies according to the receiving address. You can pay the shipment amount to the Land of Watches colleague when you receive your order. If you are in a hurry to receive your order as soon as possible, you can apply for it in person or by courier with the coordination of the sales department.

Other cities:
If you live in other cities, submit the invoice during post office hours (9 am to 12 pm) and pay for it so we can deliver your package within 3 hours. Moreover, if you wish to receive the product as soon as possible,  you can change how the parcel is sent to the terminal or airline (for a fee), with the coordination of our sales department.


If your invoice is submitted during non-business hours, sending the package will be postponed for the next business office hours.

Please remember the option of choosing between 3 watches and return due to your dislike is not accessible in the 3-hour delivery.

Land of Watches is committed to sending your product as soon as possible, so we provide you with the fastest and most convenient purchase. 

Products with the 3-hour delivery option


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