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Golden offer Choose three take on

Let's have a new experience together. Having the option to choose between three different products can be a delightful experience. Sometimes picking out one product in a wide variety of options can be challenging.
Realizing this, we are by your side to find the product you want if your purchase is definite.

Remember that the purchase conditions between the three choices are only for products with this icon; otherwise, that product does not include the following conditions. To see these products, click on the relevant icon. 

All your selected watches are vacuumed and offered in the Land of Watches package. The vacuum of the sent watches will not cause any inconvenience to your choice. Please be mindful of safe-keeping the vacuum. 

The items mentioned in this section do not include discounted watches or products purchased during the festival. 


A product whose vacuum has been opened is considered a purchased product and cannot be returned.'



Residents of Dubai 

If you buy, the shipping cost is free, and you can pay the invoice. Our partner will receive other products from you.

Suppose you do not like all three items. In that case, you can deliver the entire package sent in the same way to the Land of Watches courier. The shipping cost (between 30,000 to 50,000 Tomans) will be deducted from the amount deposited. The rest of the amount will be refunded within three working days. 


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