Measure jewelry

Measure jewelry

When buying a jewelry accessory, you may wonder "if this model suits me? How can I make sure of the size of the ring I chose? Do I know my ring size? "
Or you may even wonder what your favorite necklace will look like on your neck. Here we try to guide you through finalizing your choice with ease.

How to set the correct ring size   

1- The best home method is to use a ring you have prepared before, which is totally the size for you.
First, ensure that the ring you choose must be round and not out of its original shape. Then place it on the ruler and get the diameter of the ring. 


2- Using paper or a meter to measure finger size is manageable, but with a little error!
You can take a piece of cut paper (or thread), wrap it tightly around your finger, and mark the unification part of the paper on top of each other. Then find the size on the ruler in millimeters. You can also do the same with a meter without needing a ruler; just make sure the size you need to get on the meter is in millimeters. This size is around your finger.


Because the probability of error in this method is high, we suggest you take the measurement several times and select the most repeated number as the diameter of the finger from the numbers obtained in each measurement.


3- Another method you can get help from is the special tools for this measuring.
Jewelry makers use a set of standard rings and other specialized tools to determine the size of the ring, by referring to which you can find out the size of your ring, which is the most accurate method. 



"Notes to remember"

  •  It is better to try in the afternoon to get the exact ring size.
  • Try to measure several times and choose a larger size if you have doubts about two sizes.
  • Be careful which finger and hand size you measure because the fingers of each hand are different sizes.
  • Finally, if the ring you choose has a thick diameter, it is better to choose a size larger than the actual size of your finger.

     - Be careful not to measure when your hands are cold, as the ring size will be smaller than the actual size. Also, do not measure after bathing, exercising, or sleeping. 


How to measure the length of the necklace 

To measure the necklace, you must pay attention to its length. But keep in mind that necklaces take on a different shape depending on the design and the difference in the thickness of the chain. An excellent way to measure accurately is to use a necklace you have already bought and are satisfied with its size or to test the length of the new necklace you want on the neck with one of the necklaces you have. But be careful; in this case, you should choose a necklace for testing with a diameter similar to the model of your choice to make a more accurate measurement. 

But if you do not have a necklace with the same specifications as the selected model, you can try this test with a ribbon, thread, or strap with the same thickness as the necklace you want. So consider; first, you have to make a necklace or strap similar in thickness to the model you want, then adjust it on your neck according to the length of the necklace you want to buy, mark it after adjustment and determine the desired chain length from a ruler.

Note that this size is only for the chain, so if the product you choose has a pendant, you must calculate it separately from the chain.
As it turns out, the lengths of men's and women's necklaces are different. In the photos below, you can see the standard sizes of the chains that can help you in this measurement, and you will understand to some extent what the necklace you have chosen will look like, depending on the length of the chain on your neck. 


How to measure the bracelet 

The length of the product is also essential in measuring bracelets, but you should keep in mind that these measurements are different in chain and bracelet bracelets:

Measuring bracelets is almost like a watch, which we described earlier. To do this, just use a meter to measure the around of the wrist accurately, and by knowing the size of your wrist, you will get the length of the bracelet. If you do not have access to a tape measure, use a ribbon or thread (a little thick), mark the junction of the two ends, and place it on the ruler to find the correct size. But if the bracelet you choose is thick, we suggest using a bandage similar to that product and getting the length around the wrist, as mentioned.

So note, when measuring the bracelets, you should also pay attention to the thickness of the chain and its design. Also, due to the different tastes, you may want the bracelet to be a little freer around the wrist, so when measuring the wrist size, you can also adjust how free it is. 

Regarding bangle bracelets, we suggest you clench your fist and get the middle size of the hand, which has a larger diameter, with a tape measure or thread. Because of their shape, Bangle bracelets cannot be opened and closed. So you need to find the middle size of your hand as shown in the picture. You can test the bracelet on your hand using a ribbon or a strap and measure according to the size of the bracelet until you find the approximate size of the bracelet on your wrist.

Also, consider that buying bracelets that can be resized will make it easier for you, so when buying, ask us if the product of your choice can be resized or not.

After finding out the size of your desired ornament, when submitting the order, you can mention the size in the description of the invoice or share it with our consultants.


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