Methods of purchasing

Methods of purchasing

Dear customers, if the item you bought is out of stock, Land of Watches will return the invoice sum to your bank account within 24 hours. 

shopping in person :

If you wish to buy in person, you can complete your shopping cart and register the desired model. After attending the Land of Watches office and receiving the product, you can pay the fee in cash or via POS. 


For the welfare of customers, Land Of Watches has created a face-to-face sales department with the following conditions.

This type of purchase is only for close-up viewing and on-hand testing. (There is no showcase timer to choose from in the Land of Watches sales office)

Check the related option on the shopping cart page to activate in-person shopping. After the final registration, please wait for the call of our colleagues to coordinate your presence in the office (call time during office hours is from one hour to the next working day)


Cash on delivery 

Cash payment at the place of delivery

Customers in Dubai who want to pay on delivery can pay the fee when the order is delivered, in cash, or via POS. (Click to view the map of the Dubai distribution area)

free shipping districts



Shopping for other cities:

Paying through an online payment portal

Dear users of the Land of Watches site, you can pay for your purchase using all bank credit cards that are members of the Shetab network. Currently, with the cards of Mellat Banks, Saderat, Parsian, Saman, Eghtesad Novin, Pasargad, Mellat, Keshavarzi, Sanat-o-Ma'adan, Sina Bank, and Karafarin, online purchasing is available. 

Activate the second password (internet password)

After submitting the order, users can pay for their order through the online portal of Mellat and Parsian Banks on the Land Of Watches website. After successful payment of the invoice, a confirmation SMS will be sent to you (if you enter a mobile number), which is a definite submission, and there is no need to announce it. The order will automatically enter the preparation and sending process. 
Note that the order recipient must have an ID card when receiving the goods.

Card-to-card payment

People who cannot pay online through the Land of Watches banking portal or pay in cash can choose the "card to card" payment at the final step when submitting the order, then click on "final registration." The purchase invoice will appear in the " purchase tracking " section on the upper part of the profile panel. Here you can submit your payment information.Tracking link:


And in the payment status stage, there are two options "Internet payment" and "Deposit registration." If you have paid the through card to card payment  (bank software or ATM) to register your deposit, choose the second option (register deposit) and enter your information in the new window, then finally click on "submit." Please enter your payment information or contact the store before sending the package. 


Land of Watches account number:

Account number: 802-700-134174- Saman Bank named Mostafa Dehgar Monfared
Card number: 6219861027026318 Saman Bank named Mostafa Dehgar Monfared
Sheba number: IR370560080270000134174001 Saman Bank named Mostafa Dehgar Monfared 

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