Delivery and tracking methods

Delivery and tracking methods

Land of Watches tries to provide an easy and delightful purchase for you by creating the fastest way of shipping goods. 

Delivering watch order in just 3 hours

Please note that not all watches have this option due to the variety of products and their storage in several warehouses. Therefore, you can only use the 3-hours delivery for watches with this icon.

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Posting methods


Residents of Dubai can use the motorcycle courier option and pay their orders at home (in cash or POS). Before buying, first, find your area on the map below. Only green places have access to free shipping.

free shipping districts

Orders submitted on weekdays Saturday through Wednesday up to 1 pm and Thursdays through 11 pm will be delivered the same day or 24 hours later. Orders registered after the mentioned hours will be checked in the first working hours of the next day and sent on the same day or 24 hours later.

Delivery hours for Dubai residents are between 10-14, 14-17, and 17-19, so the order will be sent accordingly. Also, if you need to change this timespan, it is necessary to contact the delivery department and dial 20. 

Dubai's suburb

The customers whose area is outside the green part of the map can choose the post option and receive their package within a day.  

If you want to receive your package immediately, you should contact the sales department, ask for the motorcycle courier option, and pay the difference in shipping costs.


Post Tracking




Shipping by transfer or AirMail:


You can specify your desired delivery time according to your address and with the coordination of the sales department. 

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