A gift of choice

A gift of choice

Giving a watch to someone you love can be a lasting and attractive gift for any occasion. But if you don't know the person's taste in accessories, we recommend the Land Of Watches gift card, which is already charged with the amount you want and give them the freedom of choice. 


How do I get an Land Of Watches gift card? 


Choose a gift card with the card balance you want and add it to your shopping cart.
Follow the steps to the end till you get the message "Your order has been submitted."
You can also choose whether you want the gift card as 
View gift cards physically or via SMS. 

View gift card



Print your favorite text on the gift card

To create a more beautiful memory, you can write your favorite text in the order description section of the shopping cart to be printed on the gift card.  



How do I use a gift card to buy my favorite product?


By having the code inside the gift card (physical or SMS gift card), you can add your favorite product to the shopping cart and enter the code written on the card in the "Apply Discount" box to deduct the gift card amount from the product price. Then proceed with the order to the end and wait for a call from Land Of Watches. 


Tips for using a gift card on the website:


- It is not possible to use the gift card and discount code (which will be sent to you in a text message after each purchase) simultaneously.

- If after you used your gift card and it still has a remaining balance, you can't reuse the card balance for your next purchase, and it will be invalid. Also, on the order management panel, adding another product and using the remaining card balance is impossible. 

- In case Land Of Watches or the customer cancels the purchase and the invoice, it is possible to use the gift card and discount code in another invoice.

- Land Of Watches will count the cost of packing the gifts separately.Also, using the remaining card balance for gift packing is impossible, and the fee should be paid independently, even if there's still a remaining card balance. 

- In case of extra shipping costs like transportation, tipax, aviation, and other ancillary expenses on the invoice, the fee must be paid separately even if the gift card still has a remaining balance. 

- The maximum discount on an invoice is 100% equal to the invoiced sum.


Is the gift card refundable?


The gift card is not referable, and you can't exchange it, but you can exchange or return the product you bought with your gift card. 
"30 days return terms"



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